Masks & Prosthetics

 Here are some examples of my prosthetics work, most of these where created by commission from various people for many different events.
I sell all of these by request, or through my Etsy store.

 Leach Monster

 An alien leach monster, created for a small larp event to be nasty, lamprey inspired alien monsters.  Now I've used it a bunch of other places for nature monsters and spring elementals.

And because I have understanding friends, one allowed himself to be tortured by letting me build a full appliance on his head for shiggles.

Skaven Foam Mask

My first foam and latex mask (not Foamlatex), a challenging sculpt, and even more challenging mould making.  I'm pretty happy with the effect, AND the armour that I made to over it was SUPER characterful.


 My mustelid mask, used for various ferret, badgers, red-panda, style creatures.  Oh, and for some reason a bear.

Wolf Mask

 Generic wolf mask, has been painted up in many different style and designs.
 I've done some strange things with my masks.
Insect Carapaced, antennaed, lizard eyed, cat wiskered, horrid abomination of gnollish science.

Bolted Eye Patch

One off prosthetic made for a friends larp character, with full make around it, the thing looked bad-ass.

Fox Mask

My first ever mask!  The mould is still producing my classic fox masks, and these are my most popular masks by a long way.  I should make a new fox mask one day.

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